Workshops N’Stuff!!

So 20+ bands on 2 stages with craft beers, traditional cider, a full kids programme and food from 4 corners of the world not enough for you then….  need something to expand your horizons?  Well step right up madam and take in a workshop or a showcase!

Make you own model of Saturn..?

– Make you own model of Saturn..?

To work off your 3rd burrito you might want to hook up with our chums at Wiltshire Hula Hoop Dancers and get the low down on how to do it like a pro..  There will be workshops for you to learn and showcases to see how it should be done on Friday and Saturday.  No need to book – just sign up on the day.  Kids and grown-ups alike will love it!




Lemmie hit stuff!!

– Lemmie hit stuff!!

Wanna hit sh!t?  Sign up for a session learning how to play some hot Samba rhythms – big drums/little drums we got ’em all  – the guys at Pulse4Life will be teaching you how to do it  – bring the kids too and let them wear themselves out hitting something other than their siblings…..



– There has to be easier ways of tying your shoe lace?


Want to work out how to spin on your head or do a back somersault ? Well check out the Mintey Breakers Dance Crew on Friday night – scares me to death just watching… don’t try this at home as they say!!






- OK mine doesn't look like this.... but I have had 3 burritos?

– OK mine doesn’t look like this…. but I have had 3 burritos?

Now I’ve go one, and you’ve got one…. but can yours dance?  No?  Well here’s a chance to see how its done when Aziza Bellydance wiggle their wobbly bits in a series of demonstrations.  It’s actually a great way of keeping fit too – so if you want to sign up for classes there will be info on how to sign up.

So music, dance, food, learn stuff, hit stuff, drink stuff… anything else I can get you…. 🙂

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  1. Are you looking to expand your skills set or even to take up a new hobby then you have come to the right place. We run a full range of workshops from learning to crochet and knit right through to much more technical subjects like gansey knitting.

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