Whats Crack-a-Lakin’

Lots of stuff on this year as ever….. full programme is  here and more info on activities is below…

Click image for full music lineup


Music Line Up – Yer ’tis…..  the SF2014 music line up – and as ever it brings to this sleepy little corner of the Cotswolds “the best in contemporary British music” for your delectation and delight! Just like in previous years you will (…….more)



Kids Stuff – Packed kids programme as ever for 2014 ….  you gotta love ’em… don’t you…? (…more)



Food &  Drink –Amigos I know, I know, it’s a “Cider and Music Festival” , but forget about the fantastic music line up,  the kids program and even the cider line up.. (…more)





Workshops, Dance and Showcases – all that other stuff not enough?  OK how about break dancing, hula hooping or even belly dancing….  I kid you not… you can’t make this stuff up!!

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