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Festival parking is on the rec which is about 150 yds from the main site.  You have to drive round the houses (literally!) to get to the vehicle entrance but once parked the pedestrian entrance is only a few yards from the arena entrance.  Site + ParkingThere is a shortage of parking in the village so don’t be tempted to try and park on the street – you won’t get any closer than the official carpark and you might just find an irate resident sat on your bonnet when you get back!!

Click on this image to see a bigger view of the area


The site is accessible via wheelchairs but is mainly grass once you are in, if you need special facilities mail and we’ll sort you out

6 thoughts on “Parking & Access

  1. Hi. My family and I will be visiting from the US. We would like to attend Saturday (we have tickets). We are staying in Stratford on Avon Friday and Saturday night. Will we be able to attend via public transportation? Should we look into staying somewhere closer to the festival on Saturday night? Thanks, we are looking forward to visiting your festival! Andrea

    • I’d stay closer – its a good hour+ drive from Stratford and public transport is not good… we are wayyyyyy out in the boondocks!! there are some B&B contacts on the web site (and I have a couple more if they are full) OR we can put you in touch with some freinds of ours who can organise a “glamping” option where they put up a handmade Thia tee-pee with all the stuff you need in it so you can camp in the village? OR you could consider an RV which would solve both your transport and sleeping issues?

  2. HELP!
    Hi there, I am part of the circus stall crew but am needing to get back to London on Saturday night. What’s the nearest station and is it within walking distance? Is there perhaps a local bus or is the arena in the middle of nowhere? I will try to magic a local to give me a lift but should I fail, any idea where I should be booking a taxi to collect me from? Many thanks in advance. Looking forward to it!

    • we are waaaaayyyyyyy out int he boondocks – so walking is out. If a lift doesn’t materialise then BOOK a taxi (there won’t be one passing!) lots on line to choose from. Pick up is easy tho’ – tell them to pick you up from the main gate on Noble Street… you can see them there from inside the arena so you don’t have to stand on the street like a spare wotsit…?

  3. Hi , I will be collecting my son on fri pm can anyone advise me if there is a pick up/drop off area where I can wait to collect him please

    • Best bet is to park in the main car park (follow signs) then walk to to main gate on Noble St (about 100m from car park) and meet there…. music ends 11pm on Friday. The main car park is about as close as you will get…

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