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The line up is now finalised for SF’13 – sorry if you didn’t get a slot – c’mon down and have a cider anyway?

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  1. Hello, I am a University of Gloucestershire student and I was wondering if you could give me five minutes of your time to help me out with an assignment regarding festival crime. We are investigating whether the use of drones can be the way forward to help with festival crime as they were first used at V festival in 2007 yet a backlash was formed by the attendees that it was becoming too much of a “Big Brother” culture of continuously being watched. While drones are currently being used to film the Winter Olympics and are to become the future of sports filming, could drones become the future of festival security?
    I would be extremely appreciative of any comments or thoughts you have on this.
    Kind regards,
    Kate Thelwell

  2. Hi
    Are you allowing camper vans ? – and if so- is there an additional tier payment / how much/ how do we purchase them ? – Thanks !!! 🙂

    • Yes no problem – plenty of level pitches with good vehicle access – just get standard camping tickets and you are sorted!

  3. Quick question – daughter and 3 friends want to come on the Saturday. 2 are 14, 2 are 13. Am I right in thinking they will all be able to get in on 2 adult tickets?

  4. Is there a return policy for unwanted tickets for the Saturday. If so i can put my name down please?
    Have a Friday ticket and weekend camping, would love to have a second day st the festival.


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