You Know We Said There Was No SherstonFest in 2015…. Well…..

….. well there isn’t (boooo) BUT…. we have great news (hooray!!)

Your SFHQ team are joining forces with the folks who bring you Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions, Malmesbury Rocks Nights, Malmesbury Comedy Nights and even bits of FieldView Festival and WOMAD to bring you ….. (*fanfare* )…..The Boondocks Festival 2015 – BUT ONLY IF  you let us know you want it…. and sharpish!!  Read on to find out how!!


Watch the video to find out more…..

What is Boondocks?  Well it’s gonna be a lot like SherstonFest, with a dollop of Malmesbury Acoustic, a sliver or 2 of Malmesbury Rocks, a hint of FieldView and just the essence of WOMAD (well we are hoping to borrow their flags again anyway 🙂 )  – so that’s cool, chilled, family friendly, fantastic music, great food, local beers and ciders… the whole SherstonFest she-bang… just well,  “more”..

When is Boondocks?  17th and 18th of July 2015.

Where is Boondocks? On the Foxley road out of Malmesbury, just opposite Foxley Nurseries.  So the good folks of Sherston can be there in about 15 mins on their bikes down some quiet country lanes and the good folks of Malmesbury can walk from town in 10 to 15 mins (but you can also drive and camp right on the site)

How Can YOU Make Sure It Actually Happens? Its going to be a bit bigger than SherstonFest (but still “Boutique”) so we are running a “Kickstarter” funding campaign, mainly to see if people are up for it  – so if you go and “pledge” £30 on kickstarter when it looks like we have enough pledges to put it on (about 30 grand *gulp* ) your 30 quid will magically have bought you a (cheap) full weekend ticket including camping… simples!!

So to make it happen just go here and do the do  – you put up 30 quid, we put in 9 months of blood, sweat and tears and lo….  Boondocks is born!

BUT you only have a month to do this (you have to put a time limit on Kickstarters) … so if by the beginning of December there isn’t enough pledged to make it happen…. then sadly it won’t …  🙁

How excited are we…. ?  Hope you are too!!

Big BIG Love from SFHQ

PS…. Why “Boondocks”…..  well we are kinda gently tacking the Micky out of ourselves 🙂  As the oxford dictionary has it…..

Rough or isolated country:this place is out in the boondocks, you’ll never get here by bus


mmmm … actually we might put a shuttle bus on 🙂


3 thoughts on “You Know We Said There Was No SherstonFest in 2015…. Well…..

  1. I have alreadt spoken the guys about Malmesbury for Spiritual stuff like they have at Glastonbury. Iain is a St Pastor and I do HiTS in Malmesbury. Also Christian Skaters are up for mobile skate ramps.

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