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Yer ’tis…..  the SF2014 music line up – and as ever it brings to this sleepy little Buy Nowcorner of the Cotswolds “the best in contemporary British music” for your delectation and delight!….. ’tis a belter!!

Click image for hi res version

Click image for hi res version

Way too many highlights to call out just now but you can click the line up poster image to see a hi res version in glorious technicolor or check them out on YouTube etc…  via our handy alphabetic list below….

Our Handy Alphabetic Lineup List

  • Ami Kaelyn – we love Ami…. beautiful voice, haunting songs – and just for us, a band set rather than a solo set (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • Billy In The Low Ground – fiddle fueled, hi-octane folk rock…. you will be dancing… (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • Bite The Buffalo – Bath residents but “not from round ‘ere” by the sound of the accent… raw rock with just a hint of country from the Goneos brothers. Stand out hit of the BBC Introducing stage @ last years Glastonbury  – and anyway if it’s good enough for Robert Plant to put on his line up, it’s good enough for us (Friday, Malmesbury Rocks Stage)
  • Coco And The Butterfields – what can we say, dreadlocks, fiddles, beatboxers and …er…. Nelly covers?!  You kinda have to see it… party time! (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Frankie Lebon – just 17, beautiful, a talented songwriter and the most evocative female voice we’ve heard in many a long year…. your are allowed to be jealous… we are…. (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • Fresh Dixie Project – Managed by the guy with the mad hair from last years headliners Electric Swing Circus,  it’s kinda jazz… no come back!  ‘cos its kinda rock too… no come back … it’s not “jazz-rock” obviously… again you have just got to see it to get it 🙂 (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Henry Green – local boy done good! Fresh from his support slot for London Grammar and his Ronnie Scott’s show with a new line up in his band… we are lovin’ it. (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Killamonjambo – semi naked young men playing hi energy ska/reggae/dub.  Killer horn section, just get your skank on and party! (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Maya Yianni – “Little Maya” (aka Little Liar) is as smooth as our local pocket rocket Jamie Cullum with similar smooth jazz overtones delivering her brilliantly crafted very personal songs. Sit back in the summer sun with a nice cider and let her warm soulful vocals wrap you up and carry you away. (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Moscow Drug Club – if you didn’t catch them at WOMAD last year then here’s your chance.  Best fun you can have sitting down (they do… sit down that is…). Sort of eastern European folk… that somehow ends up with a Mary Hopkins based sing-a-long.  Not entirely sure how that happens but it’s epic! (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • Sam Green and The Midnight Heist – only had to look at the smiling faces at SF13 to realise that these guys had to come back for SF14…  bluegrass slide guitar but with enough energy to power a small town! (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Showhawk Duo – instrumental guitar duo..?  How boring is that….?  You haven’t seen ’em then have you?  Bohemian Rhapsody? as an instrumental? on guitars…..  madness – brilliant, but mad! (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • Stony Browder Jr – driven by Fieldview Festival head honcho Dan Cameron, you have to love a band that turns up with their own palm trees in the transit! Kinda “Latino Funk” (unsurprising seeing as it’s fronted by Kid Creole’s sons) with a wicked sense of humour and just about the tightest band we have heard in a very long time.  (Friday, Arena Stage)
  • The City Boys – we like to give up and coming local artists a chance @ SF, and they don’t come much more local than these guys…. (Friday, Arena Stage)
  • The Darwin Republic – rock gods in the making, managed by Snow Patrol’s original team… destined for great things (Friday, Malmesbury Rocks Stage)
  • The Hat Club  –  the other of our local artist show case acts…  Chippenham based, female fronted alt- (almost prog-?) rock… one to watch (Friday, Malmesbury Rocks Stage)
  • The Long Players – you have to love this concept… pick a seminal album and just play it… start to finish, in the right order, even including the crackles at the end… genius! (Saturday, Malmesbury Acoustic Stage)
  • The Sherston Village People – ’nuff said….  no really,  ’nuff said…. move on! (Saturday, Arena Stage)
  • Too Many T’s – Firmly tongue in cheek hip-hop – anyone who can start their set with “It’s just a mic check, this isn’t part of the set” is good enough for us!! Been killing it at festivals throughout the country in 2013… medallions and fur coats at the ready?  Lets party…! (Friday, Arena Stage)


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