SherstonFest is a “not for profit” event and we need help – lots of it!!!

If you are warm and walking (ok, forget the warm bit) you have the skills we need so just send a mail to help@sherstonfest.com and we’ll take it from there.

We need help before the event with planning and promotion and we will need hands on help throughout the week of 11th to 17th of June and particularly during the event.

 If you can put up a tent, check a ticket or carry an amplifier we would particularly like to hear from you……. help@sherstonfest.com 

Or you can just comment below… we WILL find you if you are up for helping !!

12 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Hey – me and my mate are up for a bit of stewarding (and have done it before at other festivals), whats the deal/form etc….

    • Sweet – the deal is that Saturday Stewards get a free weekend ticket inc camping and a bit of food and drink to keep you going on Saturday. For that we’ll ask you to do a couple of spells of Stewarding totaling about 6 hours (so half the time of the event), so for the rest of the day and all of Friday night you are free to go and party!!

      Also note most stewarding posts are in the arena – so we won’t post you to some distant car park, and, there is no bond payable

  2. Hi, I know Charlie & his mates are too young to steward etc but can they be any help setting up & striking over the weekend, they should have finished their GCSE’s by then.

    Kirstie x

  3. I have only recently seen this advertisement for volunteers, but if you still need an extra hand i have a couple of friends who would be interested?!

  4. Dear Sir Madam

    I am writing to esquire if Sherston Music Festival have sorted all of the the stage lighting this year, I am based in Bath and i have a smallish rig of about 60 par-cans incorporating Led and Mainly generics, most are par 56 so no need for a power station to be erected in the next field! I also have 8 automated movers all of which are pat tested. We can also increase the size of the rig to suit budget. We hire at very competitive prices and do a good show and have references if required. We also have an 8 k PA rig available for selective weekends too.
    If we can be of any help please contact me on 01225 830894 or better still re email me with a contact number as i sleep in the day, and i will will be pleased to assist and will get back to you asap.
    Regards Andy Russell

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