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Sorry the 2013 programme is now full – sorry about that, but come on down and party with us anyway?

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4 thoughts on “Artist Info

  1. Hi
    I am representing the band The Piranhas (80s punk/ska – ‘Tom Hark’).
    I appreciate that you have firmed up acts for Shersonfest this year but, on the off chance that you have a cancellation or other opportunity we are available.
    We are currently playing a variety of old and new material and are looking for bookings for this year.
    If you would be interested in more info and/or are able to offer us as a booking I would be very grateful if you contacted me.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Dominic Dring

  2. Hello from The BelleFleurs. Are you fully booked for artistes yet?
    If not, you might be interested in having us perform for you:)Last year we played, amongst all our other gigs, 2 festivals: 6 Dates at Glastonbury , and Rebellion Festival Blackpool.
    The BelleFleurs are a Bath based Trio who take songs from Metal, Rock, Pop and Punk, re-arrange them and make them into new close harmony tracks. This is our take on 3 of Nine Inch Nail’s most famous tracks!
    Some of the artistes we have ‘Fleurted’ with over the last 2 years include; NIN, Rammstein, Motorhead, The Rolling Stones,The Buzzcocks, Discharge, Chas n Dave,
    Depeche Mode, Katy Perry +many more. We are also slowly re-writing the meaning The Andrew’s Sister’s songbook! We are comedic, with a good line of patter and some very nifty outfits:) Here’s just one fan’s comments on us:-Sexual politics with a smile and and a wink: wry, witty, ironical, versatile and prolifically inventive chanteuses, The Bellefleurs are one of the most arresting, amusing and just plain likeable acts to come out of the subculture of the women’s movement since feminist cabaret in 80s London’. Andrew Gibson, Professor of Modern Literature and Theory, University of London.
    Thank you

  3. Hello, I was wondering if you have any spaces left for me to play a small set at SherstonFest this year?
    I’m a young singer/songwriter, I play acoustic, folk originals and covers and would love to get involved!

    No worries if not, thank you for your time!
    Zoe Newton

  4. Dear sir / madam

    I am writing to offer the musical services of the much loved Glastonbury based band Mr Keep Calm & The Cancelled Cheques for your festival in 2015.

    The band are a 4 piece, acoustic based mix of folk, rock, blues, jazz, indie and pop playing original songs known for their catchy music and biting wit, described by The Fix online as “Morrissey with a smile”.

    You can find information at as well as a host of videos, songs and more. It can also be arranged to post out demo material if needed, just get in touch.

    Fees can be negotiated according to need as the band are currently pushing their album “Digest”.

    Please consider the band for the 2015 festival schedule and get in touch if you would like to know any more.

    Kind regards

    Gary Smith

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